EDITHOUSE is an agile post-production studio, cutting everything from documentaries, films, business to business and educational content, promos, marketing material, trailers, press packs, and pitch content to live streams, social edits, music videos and commercials.


EDITHOUSE is founded on 15 years of experience from shooting director - editor, Will Simpson. Working for a broad spectrum of clients including the BBC, Channel 4 to Unilever, World Wildlife Foundation and The Arts Council and with an evolving media landscape, clients have grown to include twitch streamers, youtubers and live events. No matter who we're cutting for we continue to maintain the same approach across the board. Story, character and emotion is key as well as grabbing attention, delivering on time, on budget and to the highest possible quality whilst keeping it interesting, fun and offering timely creative solutions along the way.

We cut short briefs for advertising as well as long form projects and cut downs in all aspect ratios across the multitude of social channels. Whether we're creating a pitch video for a client from still images and stock, using previously shot ads or working on a years worth of documentary material, you can rest assured it's in good hands at the EDITHOUSE.

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